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Surfside Church, 19 Years and Still Serving Others

People enjoying music during sunset
Some of the Surfside Church Family

This September marks the 19th anniversary of Surfside Church's ministry serving the people of Fort Pierce, Port Saint Lucie, and St. Lucie County.

The church started in 2004. Its first Saturday night worship service was delayed by the arrival of hurricane Frances, so the church's first official act was going to homes in the community- cleaning up yard debris, removing soaked drywall, and delivering hot meals.

After a few Saturday night worship gatherings, the church was again out in the community helping with the recovery from hurricane Jeanne.

Over these 19 years the church has provided Financial Peace classes, Celebrate Recovery groups, Youth ministries, College/Young Adult ministries, Children ministries, prayer teams, assistance to the homeless, and resources to child/family services to strengthen families, help caregivers, and support foster families.

Surfside Church is the people, not the building. We have met in 10 different locations over the years. (We have been blessed to have the same roof over our heads for 4 years now.) In these different settings we have celebrated baptisms, mourned losses, shared meals, and supported each other in the boring and epic times of life.

Serving others, trusting God, and connecting with Jesus are Surfside Church's core- our DNA.

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19 sept. 2023

Looking forward to what God is doing in our next year of introducing people to Jesus and serving the community.

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