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  • Mark Young

Calling the Slain

Are you one of "the slain"?

You were once zealous, enthusiastic, and all-in for Jesus Christ and His work in the community. You endured the rigors of front line ministry, enduring the wounds for the sake of serving others and sharing the good news of salvation through Jesus. But over time, the wounds accumulated, and ever so slowly you bled out spiritually until you fell faint and burned out upon the mission field to which you were called.

You came to my mind as I was praying. The spirit of God reminded me of the images in Ezekiel 37 where the prophet is walking among a valley full of dry bones, the bones of those slain, and the Lord commands the prophet to speak life to them.

In the power and authority of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I speak life to you- the slain.

I speak the healing of Jesus over your wounds.

I speak the movement of the Holy Spirit of God over your parched soul. The breath of God refresh and restore you. The breath of God fill your lungs and revive you. The word of God restore your voice.

Rise to your feet again, oh valiant soul!

The God who is love; the God who saves- has need of you.

God is calling you, the once slain, to live again.

Will you join with me in seeing the slain around us?

Will you join me in praying for them?

Will you join me in speaking life to the wounded before they fall?

I need your help.

One of the previously slain,

pastor Mark

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